From old traditions, new traditions, to family or religious preferences, we customize each burial service to honor the unique life lived.

Burial Service Pleasant Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary





Funeral Service –

  • Visitation and/or viewing with family and friends gathered or privately
  • Ceremony held with your loved one present
  • Ceremony to be held at the location of your choice: Funeral home, Church or place desired
  • Following the ceremony is the committal service and disposition of your loved one : earth burial, cremation, entombment.


Graveside Service-

  • Service held at the graveside location with family and friends gathered
  • Love one is present whether in casket or urn.


Memorial Service –

  • A service held in the honor of your loved one with out them present
  • Service can be held at the Funeral Home or place of your choosing


Planning Ahead?

There are some very good reasons why you should consider planning ahead. Please call us at 707-823-5042 to set up an appointment with a caring professional.