Cremation Services With Care

Cremation Services

At Pleasant Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary you can feel confident in knowing all of our cremation services are done with the upmost integrity and professional procedures. Take peace of mind with the knowledge that we use our own crematorium, right here on location at Pleasant Hills Memorial Park. Throughout the whole process your loved one will never leave the care, compassion and experienced hands of our staff.

Many feel that with cremation the options to have a meaningful service become limited, on the contrary, there are many wonderful ways in which to honor, remember and memorialize your loved one:

  • Scattering of Ashes – Your loved one’s remains may be scattered in our beautiful Rose “Scatter” garden. There are also services in which you can scatter them in the sea or your own special place of choice.
  • Traditional Burial – In-ground burial of the remains.
  • Columbarium – Use our Columbarium to safely hold the remains of your loved one’s ashes.
  • Niche Garden- Place the urn of your loved one in our beautiful garden above ground
  • Urn Garden – Bury the urn among the flowers.